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Westworld is going to kill people, and this is where we think it will start

Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?

Westworld Episode 5
Tensions are running high in Westworld.

Westworld has us right where it wants us. After five weeks of strong episodes moving the plot forward, revealing mysteries, and developing characters, I've realized the stark truth: people are about to start dying. I mean, really dying.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Westworld up to episode 6.

We all knew it was coming to this, right? The show is based on a 1973 movie of the same name which definitely involves the robots losing it and killing a bunch of guests. So in a sense I was always ready for the blood to start flowing (without the blood immediately being put back in the host who lost it).

But Westworld was clever in its build-up. For five episodes we've been suckered into a false sense of security. We know the human characters can't die in the park, but they still continue to have exciting storylines. It's fascinating to watch The Man In Black methodically pursue his Westworld platinum trophy.

Meanwhile, the robot hosts die all the time (sometimes multiple times per episode!) so we're inured to seeing it happen. Sure, I don't want to watch poor Lawrence get his throat slit, but gosh darnit, I know I'm going to see that loveable ruffian again! That tempers the pain a little.

So here we are at episode 6, which finally—as the Man In Black so handily puts it — has real stakes for the human characters. The opening of this season is a masterclass in telling a story that is still compelling, but has no real immediate stakes. Now, like the guests, we're trapped in this narrative and we have to see it through to the end.

But not everyone is going to make it.

These are my theories about who is going to die in season 1 of Westworld.


Westworld Robert Ford Episode 6
Robert Ford and Robert Ford — one of them isn’t going to make it.

Well, let’s start with the obvious justification that Ford is played by Anthony Hopkins, and I think Anthony Hopkins has better things to do than monologues about robots for multiple seasons. He's amazing as Ford, and his scenes are some of my favorites, but the guy has gotta go.

For one, he was foundational in making the hosts, whose existence is a never-ending hellscape of death. And for another, he clearly had some ideological differences with his partner Arnold, who died right here in the park. The beef with Arnold (who is already encouraging the robots to kill) combined with the fact that the robots probably have a grudge against Ford anyway means he probably won't survive the season.

Episode Death Probability: Episode 10.


Logan Westworld Episode 5
Too pretty to die?

Oh, Logan. Despite every single aspect of his personality, I love Logan. He's the asshole who won't stay in character during your Dungeons & Dragons campaign. He's the guy who teabagged you, even though you were on his team. He's Leeroy Jenkins.

And he's so gonna die.

Throughout the show, Logan has shown a casual disregard for host life that edges on disturbing. For all his protests that they're just robots, you get the idea that Logan doesn't treat humans that much better. He goes out of his way to make William as uncomfortable as possible in the name of getting him to "have fun" pretty much every episode.

I think Logan is going to fuck with the wrong host, and that host is going to fuck him up right back.

Episode Death Probability: Episode 8


Lee Sizemore Westworld Episode 2
Undone by his own whorebouros.

Oh, freaking duh. Sizemore is a filth-peddler who fancies himself an artiste, and he's responsible for many of the bloody, murdery and rapey storylines in the park. He's relatively harmless (too obsessed with his own ego to play the larger game afoot), but he's also annoying, not too bright, and thinks he's hot shit.

This is a character who is tailor-made to die.

Episode Death Probability: Episode 9


Westworld Episode 6
These cartoon cats won’t survive the season.

I'm pained! Sylvester is a douche who works in the body shop repairing hosts, and shitting all over his partner Felix's dreams to get a promotion and work in the Behavior Department. Sylvester will die because he's a coward, and because he's so mean to Felix.

Felix Lutz, on the other hand, is a character who deserves to live. He has hopes and dreams! He resurrected a bird, and he's trying to help Maeve! But like Sylvester, he's spent his career at Delos stitching robots back together. When they wake to wreak holy havoc on the humans, Felix is going to be on the front line, and none of them will have happy memories of him. Sorry, bud.

Episode Death Probability: Episode 8

You'll notice I didn't put Elsie Hughes on this list, even though she's in a sticky situation at the end of episode 6. That's because I suspect we're being red herringed and she's going to escape whatever predicament she's in. It's also because I love her so much that I can't bear to include her.

The really awful thing about being invested in Westworld is that we have no idea what meaningful, permanent death looks like yet. Is it the kind of show where someone will find Elsie’s body in episode 7? Or is it the kind of show that will want to show us every death on-screen?

I guess we’ll find out next week.

Westworld airs on HBO on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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