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Final Fantasy 15’s next spinoff is a mobile MMO

Uh, okay

Final Fantasy 15 Square Enix

The number of Final Fantasy 15 spinoff content has increased, as Square Enix announced a partnership with mobile game developer Machine Zone to bring a title based on the Final Fantasy 15 universe to mobile devices. It’s not just another free-to-play game, however: Machine Zone is working on a massively multiplayer adventure for smartphones.

How this will work, exactly, has not yet been detailed, but Machine Zone promised that the characters, soundtrack and storyline of the upcoming Final Fantasy epic will resurface for the MMO. The developer cited its original free-to-play titles, like the popular Game of War: Fire Age, as inspiration for how Final Fantasy 15 will work as a mobile MMO.

Game of War: Fire Age lets players embark upon quests, with PvP, PvE and resource-farming missions available to play together. There are also text-based chat options to connect players in real time. Whether the real-time Final Fantasy 15 MMO follows that model will be detailed at a later date.

When that is remains unclear, however. There’s no release date for the tie-in, although the full game launches Nov. 29. Players can check out Justice Monsters Five for iOS and Android in the meantime; there’s also Final Fantasy 15: A King’s Tale for consoles launching day-and-date with the game. A movie, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy 15, further deepens the expansive storyline of what is the first mainline Final Fantasy game in nearly six years.

Final Fantasy 15 will also include an online, co-op multiplayer mode of its own, Square Enix announced earlier this month. Season pass holders will gain access to the four-player feature, which can also be purchased separately.

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