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Titanfall 2 developers are rebalancing some things, but they aren't saying exactly how

They want players to see changes for themselves, with an open mind

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Titanfall 2's latest update is live, carrying with it some important changes, fixes and inclusions — and an interesting detail regarding how Respawn Entertainment will discuss balancing changes: They aren't.

It's common for developers (especially of multiplayer shooters) to show their homework when a patch goes out that addresses balance — cooldown increased/reduced here, range for a certain weapon there. But Respawn won't be doing that, beyond just saying what got a balancing treatment.

The reason: "We want you to just play and feel it out and let us know if it works," said a Titanfall 2 community manager on the game's subreddit. "Telling you numbers and details could color your expectations before you play and then you're going into the game with a set perception."

The manager used the example of two Titans that had been balanced. "If we tweaked something that wasn't what you wanted, you're going in already thinking we did the wrong thing," he wrote. "We want you to go in with an open mind and feel it out."

With that out of the way, yes, Legion and Tone have been rebalanced and "we'll continue to watch player feedback and address as needed." That’s all that’s said about that.

Some other changes still got more specific call-outs: The Map Hack boost will now show pulses for player locations instead of leaving them always on. Also, Private Match Solo has been introduced. Other changes are noted at the subreddit.

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