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Neko Atsume gets live-action movie next year

A retelling of the cutest mobile game ever

neko atsume Hit-Point via Polygon

Neko Atsume, the free-to-play Japanese kitty-collecting game that took worldwide audiences by storm last year, is hitting the big screen. Japanese games site Game Jouhou reports that a live-action adaptation of the mobile hit will premiere next year.

Entitled House of Neko Atsume, the film tells of a frustrated writer in need of a change of pace. He heads out on his own into the country to rediscover his groove, only to find inspiration from a bunch of friendly stray cats instead — presumably the cast of Neko Atsume.

There’s a director, screenwriter and star attached, although the release date isn’t yet more specific than sometime in 2017. The film is slated just for Japanese audiences for the time being, although just as the original game being Japanese-only didn’t stop fans from playing, we expect fans the world over will make House of Neko Atsume priority viewing next year.

While Hit-Point, which developed Neko Atsume, is also involved with the project, it’s unclear whether our specific feline favorites will make their theatrical debuts in the film. We can only hope that Tubbs, Joe DiMeowgio and Conductor Whiskers show up.

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