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Presenting Touch the Skyrim, a new series in which we try to kill Skyrim with mods

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is one of my favorite games of all time. My colleague, Nick Robinson, does not share my appreciation for this game. My desire to convert him over to the winning team has aligned perfectly with the launch of Skyrim: Special Edition, which has brought the five-year-old game back into the public eye, albeit not with all of its marvelous, bonkers modifications intact. And so: Touch the Skyrim was born.

The premise for this video series is simple: In each episode, I'll install a generous handful of mods into the game — the classic version, mind you, as a lot of mods haven't been retrofitted for the Special Edition yet. That means that, with each subsequent episode, the list of mods will grow larger and larger, and the game more and more unrecognizable. This endeavor will have two potential outcomes: We will make a game that Nick will enjoy, or we will kill Skyrim from within.

Let's get started.

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