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Overwatch’s voice actors get together in adorable video

Look at this team! We’re gonna do great

Keith Silverstein

Fans of Overwatch can most likely recognize character voice lines right away. But rarely do they ever get a glimpse at the real faces behind the heroes they play. Jonny Cruz (Lúcio) tweeted a video with appearances from various members of the Overwatch cast chatting in character at the Blizzard Entertainment headquarters. Some were conversations, some were one-liners; it didn’t matter because the Internet freaked out anyway.

It runs just short of two minutes, but the voices range from Torbjörn to Genji — and even Sombra. The video is stitched together from various points throughout the day, and although the entire cast isn’t present, it’s still quite a sight to see (and hear).

Naturally, Twitter flew into a tizzy. Fans reacted accordingly:

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