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Fans leak more of Pokémon Sun and Moon’s exclusive Pokémon (update)

People with the games in hand are helping others decide which one to get

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Nintendo/The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Sun and Moon have already found their ways into some players’ Nintendo 3DS systems, and those with early copies have begun sharing major, spoiler-filled details to various places online. It’s yet another set of leaks for players who don’t want to know specifics to navigate around, so here’s your spoiler warning before we get into this set of info: Which Pokémon are exclusive to which game?

We already know a few of the Pokémon found only in one of the two games, but Reddit and Twitter users have unearthed a number of other exclusives in their time with Sun and Moon thus far.

The tweet below shows each version’s exclusive finds:

In Pokémon Sun, players can find UB-02 Expansion, Passimian and the “midday forme” of Lycanroc, as previously confirmed. They’ll also be able to catch Turtonator and Alolan Vulpix, which evolves into Alolan Ninetales. When it comes to older Pokémon, players will also find the Gible, Bagon, Cranidos Tirtouga, Rufflet, and Cottonee evolutionary lines.

As for Pokémon Moon, there’s UB-02 Beauty, Oranguru and Lycanrock’s midnight form In addition to those three, Drampa and Alolan Sandshrew are exclusive to the game, along with Sandshrew’s evolution, Sandslash. The familiar finds only seen in Moon are Rotom, Goomy, Shieldon, Archen, Vullaby and Petilil and their evolutions.

There’s also the legendary cover stars, of course, which are key in swaying players’ buying decisions. We know that Sun has Solgaleo and Moon gets Lunala; deciding which of these two rare, one-of-a-kind Pokémon players want for their parties is crucial in picking a version.

Pokémon Sun and Moon hit retail Nov. 18, giving fans who prefer to stay in the dark just nine more days until they can emerge from their spoiler-free bunkers.

Update: Players have uncovered even more version exclusives, which you can see in the tweet embedded above. We’ve also listed out the additional exclusive Pokémon.

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