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How to play Dishonored 2 on Steam right now

It’s out for preorders in Australia, follow us

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Dishonored 2 Gameplay - From the Beginning

Dishonored 2 gameplay stream! We're playing the stealth sequel from the beginning since it's live in Australia!

Posted by Polygon on Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dishonored 2 won’t unlock on Steam until Friday afternoon, but if you pre-purchase it you get it a day earlier and, thanks to the magic of time zones, if you’re using Steam servers in Australia, New Zealand or Asia ... it’s tomorrow already?

All you have to do to play right now is follow these simple instructions, courtesy of NeoGAF user JaseC:

1. Log out of the Steam mobile app and change your password via the the desktop client

2. Download and install FlyVPN (20-minute session limit) TunnelBear (500MB data limit), VPN Gate (no hard limits) or VyprVPN (500MB bandwidth limit).

3. Connect to a server in Australia, New Zealand or Asia

4. Restart Steam (if you're logged in)

5. Unlock the game

6. (optional) Switch to Offline Mode to preserve the "Play" button as it will revert back to "Pre-load" once you're no longer connected to the VPN (even if you disconnect mid-game, you won't be booted out)

We’ve gone ahead and done just that and will be streaming the game at the top of this post. While Bethesda didn’t send out review copies of Dishonored 2 early enough to have a review ready on release day — this is the publisher’s new practice, it says — it did send us a copy a day early, with the caveat we couldn’t cover it until “the game was available.”

Well, it’s available now! So come watch us play the first 90 minutes or so of Dishonored 2 and enjoy the escapism of a dystopian setting and political intrigue.

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