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Sonic the Hedgehog makes his very huggable Build-A-Bear debut

Gotta go fast to buy this

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Build-A-Bear Workshop

Sonic the Hedeghog’s 25th birthday celebrations continue with help from Build-A-Bear Workshop. Now available on the make-your-own-stuffed-animal retailer’s website is a very, very lovable Sonic the Hedgehog plush, on sale for $35.

An online-exclusive, limited-stock bundle includes more than just everyone’s favorite electric blue rodent. Along with the 17-inch Sonic comes a trademark gold ring accessory, as well as an exclusive print created by Sonic Team.

This is Build-A-Bear Workshop’s first collaboration with Sega, and as such, the pair went all-out. Beyond the $35 Sonic bundle is a pre-stuffed, 13-inch Miles “Tails” Prower doll. Sonic’s best friend is also available for purchase online right now; he costs $15.

A T-shirt wearable by any Build-A-Bear doll and featuring Sonic, Tails and their echidna buddy Knuckles sells for $7 at retail. Finally, fans can add a digital sound clip playing the “Special Stage” theme from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 for another $7.

All items are just sold online for now, but they’ll also go be available — the bundle aside — in stores starting Dec. 3.

Browse through the gallery below to see how Sonic translates from screens to the cuddly world of stuffed animals. More so than Build-A-Bear’s Pikachu doll before him, this Sonic appears to be inspired by the chubbier hedgehog of the ‘90s, making this anniversary item a true throwback.

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