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Keep an eye out for Final Fantasy 15’s cutest photobomber

And by cute, we really mean creepy

Square Enix

Final Fantasy 15’s photography feature is one of the game’s most entertaining elements — at least, that’s how it seems on the surface. It turns out that players are discovering a spooky background character hidden in their photos, and it’s freaking them out.

When scrolling through party member (and best pal) Prompto’s camera roll at the end of a mission, players will get a chance to see their battles and most memorable moments from another perspective. These pics are typically lighthearted and instantly recognizable, but some are finding that there’s a creature tucked calmly away in a corner, one they were pretty sure wasn’t actually on the scene when those shots were taken.

That creature is the rabbit-like Carbuncle, who’s seen throughout the Final Fantasy series. It’s typically available as a summon, but in Final Fantasy 15, Carbuncle is Prince Noctis’ special companion. We first saw it in the “Platinum Demo” earlier this year, where the magical monster escorted Noctis through his imaginary dream world. Beating the mission unlocked Carbuncle for use in the full game, and in easy mode, it can be found continuing to help out Noctis — and Noctis alone.

That’s led many to believe that Carbuncle is really just an imaginary friend, invisible to all other characters. That it keeps popping up unnoticed in Prompto’s pics lends credence to that interpretation. It also makes Carbuncle about a million times more creepy.

Funnily enough, Square Enix launched a pre-order campaign over the summer called Carbuncle Surprise. Turns out that this creepy feature was the real “Carbuncle Surprise” all along.

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