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Watch the new Prey trailer

Bethesda’s shooter set for release in the spring

A new trailer for sci-fi horror shooter Prey was shown tonight at The Game Awards (see above) with its developer saying the game will be out by spring.

In Prey, the player takes on the role of Morgan Yu, the subject of morally dubious experiments designed to improve the human race. Yu awakens aboard the Talos 1 space station in an alternate 2032 and must explore while being hunted by alien monsters.

The trailer shows Yu exploring the space station, making use of a variety of weapons, many with special effects. He comes up against a variety of aliens, from scampering floor thingies, to giants.

Prey was originally conceived as a sequel to a 2006 game of the same name, initially developed by Human Head, it's now a re-imagining of the original game. Due to be released next year on Xbox One , Playstation 4 and Windows PC, the game is being developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda.

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