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Study: PS4 tops Black Friday store sales, Xbox One grabbed most online sales

PS4 Pro interest low

Xbox vs PlayStation

The retail hoopla surrounding Black Friday tends to move a lot of game consoles in a very short period of time and this year was no different.

But unlike last year’s sales results, a majority of which were made up of Xbox sales, according to data sales tracking site InfoScout, both Microsoft’s and Sony’s platforms seemed to do equally well. This year, the company decided not to track Wii U or 3DS sales.

Within that data, the PlayStation 4 accounted for 58 percent of all consoles sold in brick and mortar stores, thanks in large part to the PlayStation 4 Uncharted Bundle, according to InfoScout.

But the Xbox One made up 55 percent of all console sales online, not including Nintendo’s platforms, largely due to the 500GB Xbox One S model, according to the company.

Also interesting, when you look at the included charts, is that interest in the PS4 Pro, compared to the slim, seemed to be relatively low.

The deciding factor of which console to pick up, according to those surveyed by InfoScout, was console game selection, followed by what game was included in the bundle and then the performance of the console itself. At the bottom of the list? Virtual reality.

Do keep in mind that this is data comes from more than 1.2 million receipts created from sales starting on Thanksgiving through to Sunday, more than 1,500 of which included console purchases. So this is all based on a snapshot of buying habits.

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