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Watch us open 131 Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan packs

How many legendaries will we get?

It's a big day for Hearthstone. A new expansion, Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, has launched, free card packs are flowing, and a frustrating bug surfaced and was quickly crushed. Before we even knew about that bug, though, we popped onto Facebook Live to crack open 131 Mean Streets of Gadgetzan packs.

From murlocs to filthy reporters to beautiful hogboys, there are a lot of exciting cards waiting for us in this expansion. You can tune into the archived video above to see our haul. We won't spoil how many legendary cards we managed, but it's more than last time, even with all of the duplicates.

Check it out for yourself above. Let us know how your own pack opening went in the comments, and if you've found any new decks that you're especially happy about. If you'd like more Hearthstone content, take a look at our full video playlist on YouTube. We'll be back with more Hearthstone videos exploring the new expansion very soon.

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