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Dota 2’s 7.00 update announcement breaks Dota 2’s official site (Update)

It’s not just you! looks down from here!

Valve Corp.

Update: The announcement site is live; go see it for more info. (The main site still seems to be in trouble.)

Dota 2 was supposed to reveal what is in version 7.00 — it’s been 11 years since version 6.00 — at noon today but, 30 minutes later, the site is still crashed, presumably by all the interest.

The update was announced last night at the finals of the Boston Major, in a way overshadowing the very compelling 3-1 championship won by OG over Ad Finem. But right now, we can’t tell you what’s coming in the 7.00 patch. Other than this guy (rimshot)

Both the countdown site and the Dota 2 blog are currently borked. We’ll update when they are unborked.

Update: Well, they got this up, at least.

Valve Corp.

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