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Battlefield 1 update delivers new map and a grenade launcher

Grenade crossbow, spectator mode and more coming

EA DICE/Electronic Arts
Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Battlefield 1 gets a title update tomorrow that will introduce a new map and a slick new weapon, the grenade crossbow, along with the usual slate of gameplay adjustments, balances, and other additions.

The map is called Giant's Shadow and while it arrives in this update, only those who bought the game's Premium Pass DLC subscription, or pre-ordered Battlefield 1 will be able to play it tomorrow. They get a week with the map; everyone else gets it beginning Dec. 20.

Giant's Shadow is based on the Battle of the Selle and its layout includes a giant crashed airship. The map is set alongside the Cateau Wassigny railway and includes open ground and river banks.

The grenade crossbow is a new gadget for the support class, and does pretty much what its name says: launch a grenade further than it can be thrown.

The title update will also introduce a spectator mode to the game. Spectator mode will offer first- and third-person camera views of everyone on the battlefield, plus a bird's-eye view of the map, or a free cam to move anywhere on it. EA DICE says spectator mode will be useful for community-created video, with camera filters, depth of field options and a moveable third-person camera.

Lastly, there will be a new game option called Standard Issue Rifles. It gives all classes their side's standard rifle, and only that rifle (for example, the British have the SMLE Mk. III). The weapons do not have optics with them. DICE said the option is meant to give players gameplay inspired by World War I trench warfare.

DICE will publish full patch notes of all the changes in the Battlefield Forums after the update rolls out tomorrow.