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Nintendo fans already have plenty of ideas for Super Nintendo World attractions

Patents get people’s fingers crossed for all kinds of series

a render of the Super Nintendo World theme park, with Peach’s castle overlooking the rest of a theme park crowded with people Nintendo of America

Nintendo announced that its first theme park attraction will be called Super Nintendo World, a series of rides opening in 2020 at Universal Studios Japan. That’s about all we know thus far, but a combination of recently published patent applications and imagery accompanying Nintendo’s reveal already has fans speculating on what we could — or should — see once Super Nintendo World opens.

Universal City Studios applied for several patents detailing new rides and rollercoasters this past spring, nearly a year after Nintendo announced its partnership with the amusements chain. They range from things like a “boom coaster” and a very Mario Kart-like “drift racer” and the patents’ details alone have some convinced these rides could be for Super Nintendo World.

The drift racer in particular is a go-kart that can accommodate single or multiple passengers. That has people thinking of Mario Kart: Double Dash, the GameCube iteration of the popular series where two characters share one kart.

The so-called boom coaster, on the other hand, sounds to fans like a Donkey Kong-like mine cart. It includes an arm attached to the cart as it jerks around on a track, and the ride is meant to be immersive in order to create tension.

It’s possible these rides aren’t for Super Nintendo World at all, but the patent applications are enough to create speculation.

“Universal's New Patents definitely make it look like we can expect Mario Kart and Donkey Kong Mine Cart,” wrote one Reddit user. That’s a common refrain, but looking at Nintendo’s social media finds more requests than interpretations.

The classic Mario Kart course Rainbow Road is a popular choice for potential rides, with numerous people begging Nintendo via Twitter for it. These people clearly like scarier theme park attractions, since Rainbow Road is known for being a dangerous, guard rail-less track.

The hope is that not all of the rides are Mario-themed, however. The first promotional pic we’ve seen is heavy on the Super Mario, but Nintendo fans are into other series too. They’ve made sure to remind Nintendo as much:

Nintendo’s first, virtual stab at a theme park, the Wii U game Nintendo Land, included attractions based on almost all of its major franchises. We won’t know if Japan’s Super Nintendo World will follow that path until several years from now — and we’re still waiting to hear more about a Western opening for Nintendo’s attractions.

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