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These are Pokémon Go’s gen two monsters to look out for (update)

This update is full of babies

The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Go’s most exciting update ever launched today, heralding the arrival of the second generation of Pokémon. Although most players expected the game to receive all 100 of gen two’s monsters, it turns out that we’re only getting a few.

Niantic and The Pokémon Company are playing coy about the majority of new Pokémon that players can hatch from eggs, but there’s a pretty big hint. The pair did mention Pichu and Togepi as two of the Pokémon players can now add to their Pokédex, pointing to a theme with the update: baby Pokémon.

What are baby Pokémon?

Generation two added a whole new class of monsters to the game, courtesy of breeding. In Pokémon Gold and Silver, Pokémon were assigned genders, and two Pokémon of the same species and opposite genders could get together and make some babies.

Baby Pokémon hatch from eggs, which are already in Pokémon Go. Now, however, these eggs will be the exclusive home of some generation two monsters. That’s significant not just because that’s when the breeding mechanic was introduced, but because it brought along with it several infant versions of popular Pokémon, from Pikachu to Clefairy and beyond. Although some baby Pokémon evolved into other new monsters, a wide majority were simply diminutive takes on well-known original Pokémon, and they’re the ones we’d expect to find in Pokémon Go going forward.

Here’s a round-up of the baby Pokémon that made their debut in the second generation of games, which means we should hold out hope that they’re now tucked away in Pokémon Go’s updated eggs:


The Pokémon Company

Pichu is the pre-evolution of Pikachu. Like its successor, it’s really, really adorable. It’s also known to viewers of the anime as the star of its own little spinoff shorts, starring the twin Pichu Brothers.


The Pokémon Company

Cleffa evolves into Clefairy, obviously. Note that baby Pokeémon back in the day didn’t have the most original names. That’s besides the point, though; they’re really just meant to be super cute, and that’s exactly what Cleffa is.


The Pokémon Company

Guess who this one evolves into.


The Pokémon Company

Togepi was the first new Pokémon introduced to the series beyond the original 151. It accompanied Ash, Misty and Brock during their travels throughout the Kanto region in the anime.

We’re not sure if Togepi will evolve in Pokémon Go quite yet. Unlike many of the other second generation babies, which evolve into Pokémon already available in the game, Togepi’s two evolutions are brand new monsters. It evolves into Togetic and, later, Togekiss, both of whom are bizarre flying creatures that we can’t begin to describe. (Like the tiny, egg-like Togepi, they are very cute, of course.)

Players spotted in the gen two announcement video that Togepi’s Pokédex screen points to its ability to evolve, however. We’ll keep you posted on whether that’s the case.


The Pokémon Company

Smoochum evolves into Jynx, which is obvious but also not. Smoochum is far cuter than the controversial ice-type, but then, isn’t that just generally true of babies and adults, anyway?


The Pokémon Company

Elekid is far, far more adorable than Electabuzz, its evolution. Again: Babies are cuter than old people. It is known.


The Pokémon Company

We’re fans of the tiny Magby, who transforms into the much bigger Magmar later in life.


The Pokémon Company

Tyrogue is an interesting case, in that it can evolve into one of three Pokémon depending on its stats. There’s Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, who are familiar to current Pokémon Go players, but there’s also Hitmontop, another gen two newbie. Again, it remains to be seen how its evolutions will pan out in the mobile game as of right now.

After the update arrived, players discovered that the Pokédex doesn’t account for Tyrogue yet. Although we’d expect to see this Pokémon show up soon, for now, this seems to be the one baby forced to sit things out.

And more to see

There are plenty of other baby Pokémon, each of whom were introduced in later games. Don’t count on them appearing in your Pokémon Go eggs quite yet — we’d bank on seeing other second generation Pokémon first before meeting babies like Munchlax.

It’s time to start swiping some PokéStops to collect eggs and fill out that Pokédex. Keep us posted on which new Pokémon you find beyond Pichu and Togepi (and that new festive Pikachu).