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Who is the hottest Heroes of the Storm character?

Time to learn who is truly Stunning

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard fans are no strangers to discussing the attractiveness of their favorite characters (just look at all the sexy Overwatch fan art).

So when a game like Heroes of the Storm contains fan favorites from multiple Blizzard franchises, there’s no question that discussing the objective “hotness” of the game’s characters will occur. And while we haven’t been a part of this conversation, we did come across some arguments recently that were compelling.

Over on the Heroes of the Storm subreddit, a user decided to let artificial intelligence be the judge. The dating app BlinQ created a website using AI to not only determine someone’s age based on a photo, but also their attractiveness. Using official artwork, we finally have some hard evidence to determine who is Stunning and who is just OK.

The site couldn’t be bothered to rate some characters like Abathur or Zagara (mainly because the AI couldn’t detect a human face), but it definitely had its own opinions on Overwatch characters like Tracer and Zarya.

So what does the AI that runs a dating app think of some of your favorite Heroes of the Storm characters? Here are some of our favorites from the original gallery:

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