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CoolGames Inc Animated: A visual novel about dating every state in the union

50 First States gets the visual treatment it deserves

We here at CoolGames Inc love dating sims — but why do they limit us to dating humans (or, more rarely, pidgeons)? Indeed, why not take the dating sim genre to its logical conclusion: dating all 50 of these beautiful United States?

In this week’s CoolGames Inc animation, we’ve enlisted the help of artist Angelica Maria Lopez to bring a select few US states to life as the beautiful anime characters we’ve always known them to be — and the results are stunning. Also featured in this clip: Waypoint’s Austin Walker, visual novel expert, and the perfect partner to help us really nail the “patriotic eroge” vibe.

Want to listen to the full episode? Check out the full-length podcast below, and remember to subscribe to CoolGames Inc on iTunes or via RSS for future episodes!

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Lastly, a huge thank-you to Twitter user @aidangs, whose tweet kicked off this whole adventure:

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