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Adventure Time miniseries finally answers one of the show’s biggest questions

What happened to all of the humans?

Adventure Time is finally going to delve into Finn’s mysterious past through an eight-part miniseries starting in the new year.

Cartoon Network announced today that Adventure Time: Islands would follow Finn the Human, BMO and Susan Strong as they leave the land of Ooo and voyage across the ocean to figure out parts of Finn’s past. According to a press release from the network, the trio will encounter new creatures, friends and islands.

Through exploring Finn’s past, the show will finally answer one of fans’ most asked questions: What happened to all of the other humans? Finn and Susan are human beings, but all of the other humans have been mysteriously absent.

Adventure Time: Islands marks the second miniseries the show has had since it began. The first, Adventure Time: Stakes, aired in November 2015 and followed Marceline the Vampire Queen.

The new eight-part series will air over four nights on Cartoon Network. It will premiere on Jan. 30 and run through Feb. 2. The trailer for the series can be seen above.