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When and where you can watch the Nintendo Switch presentation

Jan. 12 can’t come soon enough

Nintendo today announced that it will be live streaming the Nintendo Switch Presentation live from Tokyo on Jan. 12. starting at 11 p.m. EST on its website.

The company is expected to deliver more details about the upcoming hardware, which serves as both a home console and portable console, during the “Tokyo webcast.” Among the news still waiting to be delivered are basics like the cost of the system and exact day in March the system is launching.

The next day, Nintendo is hosting a five-hour Switch event in New York City in which it will “further emphasize some of the details that Nintendo plans to announce.”

In October, Nintendo released a video unveiling the hybrid system. The Switch features two removable Joy-Con controllers that straddle the system’s screen and a dock that allows the system to connect to a television.

There’s more we don’t know about the system than we do. A series of patent applications filed by Nintendo also show some promising features that could be coming to the system including a gyroscope, GPS, touchscreen, compass, motion tracking, image recognition and the ability to project images onto a flat surface or hand.

We’ll be on site at the New York City event with all of the news live, so make sure you check back in 2017.

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