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Pokémon Sun and Moon’s first global mission was a massive failure

So much for being the very best, trainers

pokemon global link The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Sun and Moon’s inaugural global mission wrapped early on Dec. 13, and the results are in: Trainers didn’t meet the goal of catching 100 million Pokémon. Turns out they didn’t even come close.

The English-language Pokémon Global Link website updated with a conciliatory message, informing participants in the online contest that they had “just missed” the 100 million mark. The English version of the post neglects to mention by how much they missed it, however; thankfully, the Japanese site fills in the blanks.

The Japanese Global Link page says that between all players who took part in the mission to catch 100 million Pokémon, they only managed to collect 16.4 million monsters. That’s just 16.4 percent of the way there, which is a pretty big miss.

It’s possible that the specific requirements to register their Pokémon catching data put some players off. Instead of simply catching ’em all, trainers had to log into the online Global Sync with a special ID. Without doing that, none of their collection would count toward the worldwide goal.

The Pokémon Company announced this global mission as the first of many to come for Sun and Moon players. Maybe the next one will see them lowering the bar so that success may actually be possible.

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