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Amazon Prime Now replenishes NES Classic Edition stock in select cities (update)

You could be playing retro games in two hours

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Members of Amazon Prime Now, Amazon’s local delivery service that’s only available in select locations nationwide, can grab the elusive NES Classic Edition today. There’s a catch, of course: Only select cities are included in the offer.

The Amazon Prime Now offer does have a nice perk, though. Unlike standard Amazon Prime, this service includes free, two-hour delivery for all NES Classic Edition orders. That means that customers would be able to start playing the tiny plug-and-play system not long after purchasing it, if they can even manage that.

The good news is that Amazon hasn’t specified how limited the Amazon Prime Now stock is for the NES Classic Editions that are now on sale, although anyone who’s been hunting around for one since its release last month should be well aware by now that they go fast. Customers can only pick up one of the consoles per order.

The full list of cities that can grab an NES Classic Edition through Amazon Prime Now is as follows:

  • Los Angeles, California
  • San Francisco Bay area, California
  • Dallas, Texas
  • San Antonio, Texas

Update: We’ve updated the story above to reflect where the NES Classic Edition is available on Dec. 15. The previous cities that had it in stock are all sold out, as expected.

Update #2: We’ve updated again with a list of cities where the NES Classic Edition is in stock on Dec. 16.

Update #3: We’ve updated once more to include the cities where the NES Classic Edition is shipping on Dec 19.

Update #4: We’ve updated to show where the NES Classic Edition is available on Dec. 20.

Update #5: We’ve again updated to include where the NES Classic Edition is available on Dec. 28.

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