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GTA Online lets you wreak havoc with Knight Rider’s car

Yes, it has turbo boost

This is not a mod. It’s one of the new, exotic vee-hickles offered with the Import/Export update that launched with Grand Theft Auto Online’s Import/Export update yesterday.

It’s KITT! Well, it’s the “Imponte Ruiner 2000,” and it doesn’t talk to you in the voice of that guy from St. Elsewhere. The IR 2000 packs the firepower of a Buzzard copter, meaning it has machine guns, missiles and homing missiles, plus a turbo boost.

Plainly, the people at Rockstar want their gamers to recreate this in GTA Online.

The car isn’t cheap, though; it’ll set you back $5,745,600; $4,320,000 if you have the preferred SecuroServ status within the mode. That makes it the most expensive land vehicle within Grand Theft Auto Online. See more about it at the GTA Wiki.

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