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The next Valkyria Chronicles is coming West — with a new title

A new Valkyria Chronicles, with a twist


Valkyria Revolution, the latest installment in the Valkyria Chronicles military role-playing game franchise, will launch stateside in spring 2017, Sega announced. Known as Valkyria Azure Revolution in its Japanese release, the game’s got a new name and another console lined up for its Western launch.

Instead of hitting just PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita as it did in Japan, Valkyria Revolution will hit Xbox One in the U.S. as well. The Vita version will only be available digitally, Sega announced in a press release.

The publisher also talked about the name change in its announcement notice. On a localization level, Valkyria Azure Revolution was “unwieldly and difficult from a graphic design standpoint” in English. More importantly, however, Sega wants to make the game distinct from the previously released Valkyria Chronicles titles.

Valkyria Revolution is more action-based than Valkyria Chronicles, to the chagrin of many fans of the older PlayStation 3 title. Japanese audiences got to try out an earlier version of the game this past summer, which was more real-time action than turn-based as they expected. The earlier titles were both turn-based, militaristic RPGs, while Valkyria Revolution has a completely different combat system.

Sega tweaked the balance based on fan response, but the new game is still a departure from Valkyria Chronicles and its PlayStation Portable sequel. For a sense of how the gameplay works, watch above for an hour of the second, revised demo, which Sega released after taking player feedback.

The company hasn’t said yet whether this or any other demo will make it stateside before Valkyria Revolution’s springtime launch. Until then, feel free to compare and contrast with the gameplay footage below of Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, the original game’s PlayStation 4 re-release.

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