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Stream the Rogue One soundtrack on Amazon Prime, Apple Music and Spotify

The album drops on Dec. 16

Rogue One - Galen Erso close-up Walt Disney Studios

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story isn’t just the first stand-alone Star Wars anthology movie, but it also marks the first film in the franchise that won’t include John Williams’ iconic arrangement.

Disney has previously stated that the soundtrack would be available to pre-order on Amazon and stream Dec. 16, but the company also confirmed to Polygon today that other streaming services — including Apple Music and Spotify — would have it as well.

“The only pre-order is on Amazon with both physical [and] streaming [options] available on street date this Friday,” a Disney representative told Polygon.

The soundtrack to Rogue One has been a major conversation for fans, with many asking what it would sound like. In March 2015, Lucasfilm and Disney announced that Williams would be taking a step back and composer Alexandre Desplat would take his place. Desplat, an Oscar award-winning composer, gained recognition for his work on films like The King’s Speech, Argo, The Imitation Game and many others. Everything was set for Desplat to write the score until Rogue One underwent major reshoots and left Desplat unavailable.

In September, Lucasfilm and Disney issued a press release stating that Desplat would be stepping back from the project and Michael Giacchino would take over music duties. Giacchino, who won an Oscar for his work on Pixar’s Up, was brought onto the project and given four weeks to compose the entire soundtrack. In an attempt to make it feel as authentic as possible, Giacchino incorporated parts of Williams’ scores into the movie, giving audiences a sense of familiarity with the project.

Disney also confirmed that the soundtrack would be able to purchase in record stores wherever available.

In Polygon’s review, we said “Rogue One is a war film. And it’s very, very good.” The film hits theaters Dec. 16.

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