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Just where are all the Minions in the Despicable Me 3 trailer?

The controversial characters are sparking another debate

Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment released the first trailer for next summer’s Despicable Me 3, and the thing that stood out the most to people were the lack of Minions.

Seriously, where are all the Minions?

The trailer mostly focuses on Gru (Steve Carrell) and his partner-in-crime Lucy (Kristen Wiig) as they take on a new nemesis, Balthazar Bratt (Trey Parker). It’s not until the last few seconds of the trailer that Minions even make an appearance, but unlike in the trailers for the first two films, there isn’t a horde of tiny, round yellow creatures. There are two.

The lack of Minions has caused a bit of a stir online. Since the first Despicable Me, people have taken issue with Minions. There’s even a subreddit called “Minion Hate” that has more than 30,000 subscribers posting on a pretty consistent basis. Tumblr has a “Daily Minion Hate” blog that posts links to Minions related-memes and jokes about the very existence of the species. And, of course, Facebook has multiple groups all centered around the hatred of Minions, with some boasting 5,000 members.

It’s because of the lack of Minions in the Despicable Me 3 trailer, however, that some people are coming around to the idea of the movie. People have been pretty vocal that the only thing holding the films back from being good, in their opinion, is the existence of Minions. One person on Twitter blatantly stated that the Minions are not cute, “they’re just very annoying.”

One of the reasons that people have taken issue with the Minions is that it’s an apparent marketing ploy for kids — even though it is a children’s movie. Katie Notopolous, an editor at Buzzfeed and self-proclaimed Minions expert, told Adweek, “There's an ironic backlash on the Internet against the really overwhelming marketing campaign that makes it seem like Minions are everywhere.” The tag for the Minions Hate subreddit declares that the entire concept of the film was a marketing ploy from the very beginning and is the foundation of why the group was started.

Despite the level of hate Minions have received over the years, there’s also a pretty strong community of fans. For example, there were many people who were upset there weren’t more Minions in the trailer. The only footage of the Minions that is shown features two of them singing Happy Birthday while DJing on a beach.

Another interesting takeaway is that Gru’s daughters — Agnes, Margo and Edith — are nowhere to be seen either. Much like the Minions, Gru’s kids were an instrumental part of both the earlier trailers and the films, making their disappearance seem a bit strange.

That’s actually one of the biggest questions people have right now: How big of a role will the Minions have in the movie? Polygon has reached out to both Universal and Illumination, however, for comment and will update when more information about the Minions involvement in the film becomes available.

Despicable Me 3 will hit theaters June 30, 2017.

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