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Siri has an answer when you tell her ‘It’s Mario time’

And you thought my puns were bad


Super Mario Run went live on the iOS App Store this afternoon and Siri won’t stop talking about it ... if you ask her.

If you have an iPhone try asking Siri:

“Do you play Super Mario Run?”

“Do you like Super Mario Run?”

Or you can simply say: “It’s Mario time!”

Her responses vary, all of them, though, are really, really bad puns. We recorded a few of them in the audio at the bottom of the post, but check it out yourself to see if you find anymore.

Super Mario Run, which costs $9.99 on iOS, has players controlling an ever-running Mario as he makes his way, mostly from left to right, through worlds decorated with breakable blocks, pipes and the many other familiar hallmarks of a Super Mario game.

The game features three modes: World Tour, Kingdom Builder and Toad Rally.

It requires a persistent online connection to play, Nintendo told Polygon. You can learn all about why that is and a bunch of other things in our handy guide to the game.

No word yet, beyond 2017, on when the game will be arriving on Android.

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