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How to add friends in Super Mario Run

How to turn 12 numbers and some hyphens into a friend

Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

We’ve written elsewhere about the return of Nintendo’s unwieldy friend codes, but they’re back in Super Mario Run, and we’re going to have to deal them. So, how do you do use them?

How do I add friends?

From the Kingdom Builder screen, tap on Friends in the upper left. This will pull up your friends options. We’re going to start on the right and work our way to the left.


This is where you can type in someone else’s player ID, view your own or send yours via iMessage or email. The text field at the top is where you type in a friend’s Player ID. Below that, you can see your own (not selectable) Player ID. Below that are buttons to drop your Player ID into a text or email.


The invite screen allows you to send a similar text or email in (slightly) more convenient URL form. Clicking the link you receive will open in your browser and then prompt you to open it in Super Mario Run, where you can request to be added.


Sadly, this does not allow you to invite characters from a different Nintendo franchise. Instead, it allows you to connect to your social network of choice (assuming your choice is Facebook or Twitter) to find your friends. If you’re an antisocial old like I am, you’re stuck cranking your friend’s player ID into your USB rotary phone dial.


And finally, this is where you go to confirm your friendships. When someone types in your player ID, you’ll get a message here asking you to confirm. And then you’re friends.

Why do I want to add my friends?

Bragging rights, apparently. It doesn’t seems like you can choose to race them (at this point) or view their kingdom, but from your friend list, you can compare your bankrolls and toad demographics.