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NES Classic available at GameStop today in ‘limited quantities’

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Giant hand ... or mini console?
Samit Sarkar/Polygon
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Some GameStop locations will have “limited quantities” of the NES Classic Edition in stock today, according to a representative for the company.

GameStop stores received small shipments yesterday, and are getting additional shipments today.

“Since they are selling out fast, we are recommending that customers call their local store first,” the spokesperson said.

If you’re still hoping to snag an NES Classic from GameStop before the holidays, going to a physical store may be your only option. At the moment, the console isn’t even listed on GameStop’s website; all you’ll find if you search for the NES Classic are accessories for the system.

We called a number of GameStop stores across the U.S. to inquire about the NES Classic. At least one location told us that it wasn’t getting any consoles in, but most of the stores said they were expecting a shipment around 11 a.m. or 12 p.m. today. Of course, that time has passed in the Eastern Time Zone, and the stores we called on the East Coast had already sold out of their shipments (if they got any today).

Nintendo continues to be plagued by shortages of the NES Classic. The company sold approximately 196,000 units of the throwback console in the U.S. last month, but admitted that it underestimated the level of demand for the product. Nintendo says it’s working hard to produce more systems, but for now, it’s a hard-to-find item.

For more on the NES Classic, read our review.

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