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Final Fantasy 15’s coolest, hardest dungeon can be finished in six minutes

It takes most players 60 times as long

Final Fantasy 15’s endgame is full of extra challenges, and none more so than its intense secret dungeon.

(If you don’t want to know anything more than that, consider this your first and last Final Fantasy 15 spoiler warning.)

After using the flying Regalia vehicle to discover the Pitioss Ruins, a hidden cave filled with tough platforming puzzles and few checkpoints, players have learned the hard way that it can take upward of 10 hours to complete. Turns out there’s a shortcut, however, that cuts that time down — way, way down.

Flobberworm4 posted a video to his YouTube channel with a title that’s sure to grab anyone who’s frittered hours away in the Pitioss Ruins. Watch above as he shows how to beat Final Fantasy 15’s most notorious dungeons in a breezy six minutes.

Yep. Six minutes. It’s an incredibly impressive run that makes use of Prince Noctis’ spawn points. They’ll help players skip some of the most aggravating sections on their way to the dungeon’s end.

There’s one step that Flobberworm4 highlights as a little tricky to make work, which involves attacking just precisely enough to propel Noctis forward and help him land on a statue’s bosom. (The YouTuber calls this “the boob skip.”) The rest of the platforming wizardry looks doable enough, advancing players to the dungeon’s final button to collect the Black Hood accessory at the end in almost no time at all.

Part of what makes the Pitioss Ruins so frustrating without these tips is because of all that jumping that Noctis has to do. The camera and jump controls have been criticized by some players as just a bit more sensitive than they’d like, which compounds the dungeon’s difficulty level.

That aside, though, the Pitioss Ruins is pretty dang cool. There are diverse puzzles that players need to complete in order to make their way out, and that there are no monsters to fight makes this one of the series’ most unique areas to date. Maybe flying through it in six minutes isn’t the most natural way to play it, but it could save players 594 more minutes of stress.

The next level of puzzles.

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