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Pokémon Go adds more Pokémon to rural areas

Just in time for the brutal cold of winter

A photo shows Pokemon Go running on a phone Polygon

Pokémon Go players may start finding more Pokémon around than usual, according to the game’s official Twitter account. An update hints that rural and urban areas are seeing an increase in their Pokémon populations, effective immediately.

This is particularly good news for players out in the countryside, where PokéStops are often few and far between and Pokémon are hard to come by. That’s long been a big issue with Pokémon Go, which requires players to go outside and track down Pokémon in the real world.

Pokémon tend to congregate in denser areas and are attracted to PokéStops and other notable locations. Without any of those around, players may not have much to do in the mobile game.

There’s a caveat to this update, though: It’s starting to get pretty cold nationwide, and especially in those sparser locations that will begin to receive more Pokémon. Niantic, developer of the game, is attempting to circumvent this by turning indoor retail outlets like Starbucks and Sprint stores into PokéStops. This update applies specifically to the great — and increasingly chilly — outdoors, however.

Maybe that’s a good thing; people still need to get their exercise, even in the winter. More importantly, the new second-gen Pokémon that made it into the game last week are only available in Pokémon eggs, which players must walk around with to hatch.

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