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Dragon Quest 11 shown off at Jump Festa

Here’s the first look at the JRPG

Dragon Quest 11, currently in development for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS, was showcased this weekend at Jump Festa, the annual expo of anime and manga in Tokyo. Square Enix revealed this opening cinematic (above) and gameplay (below).

Dragon Quest 11 is confirmed for a 2017 launch date, albeit in Japan, so that time and place is of little help to western fans.

The material revealed at Jump Festa includes Camus, who is no stranger to the protagonist. The blue-haired thief is the first ally players will meet in their journey.

Dragon Quest 11 will be the first game since Dragon Quest 8 to appear on PlayStation. Square Enix has not revealed what plans, if any, it has for a Western launch of the game. Dragon Quest 10 has not been localized for North America; it launched in 2012 on Wii and 2013 on Wii U.

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