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Super Mario Run already has its first new content

Unfortunately it’s just decorations

It’s been less than a week since Mario made his debut on smartphones with Super Mario Run on iOS, but Nintendo already released a tiny bit of new content for the game.

Christmas time in Super Mario Run’s kingdom

This morning the company released a Sparkly Christmas Tree, Sparkly Snow Globe and Poinsettia as new buildings and decorations for your kingdom in the game.

The fir tree comes pre-decorated with ornaments, a bow on top and presents underneath. It will run you 1,500 coins. The cluster of red poinsettia will set you back 500 coins each and the snow globe, which features Mario standing inside, requires an assortment of blue, purple and yellow toad to get.

No word on when or if we’ll ever see Nintendo releasing new characters or levels for the game, but I suppose this is a start.

The game comes with a number of free levels in a demo and can be purchased for $9.99 if you like what you play. Currently, there’s no word on when the game is coming to Android beyond sometime in 2017.

You can read our full review here and read why I see the online requirement for the game is emblematic of Nintendo’s greater problems, right here.

Super Mario Run Live Gameplay

Super Mario Run live gameplay happening right now! Join Russ Frushtick as he plays along.

Posted by Polygon on Thursday, December 15, 2016

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