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Watch the Doom soundtrack performed live at The Game Awards 2016

Rip and tear your ears off

If there’s anything noteworthy about Doom besides its bloody, glorious gameplay, it’s the music that makes you feel like a murder god. Attendees at the Game Awards 2016 got a blast to the face with a live performance of the game’s most memorable tracks from none other than the composer himself, Mick Gordon.

Flown in all the way from Australia, Gordon took center stage at The Game Awards with his guitar. The video above shows Gordon shredding on guitar, Sonic Mayhem (Sascha Dikiciyan) on electronics and Matt Halpern on drums as a three-man, metal machine.

Twitter had some intense reactions to this musical treat.

Mick Gordon, please. Mick Gordon, go on a tour. The Internet wants it.

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