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Dishonored 2 walkthrough level 5: The Royal Conservatory

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After another trip to the Void where you talk to Delilah instead of the Outsider, you’re ready to get started. There’s nothing to fix on the ship this time, so just sweep for items and then you can check in with Dr. Hypatia and then talk to Sokolov and Meagan. When you’re ready, head topside to take the skiff to town.

Table of contents

Cyria Gardens

The Royal Conservatory

Cyria Gardens

One the ride in, Meagan tells you that Vice Overseer Byrne might have some information on your target, Ashworth. We’ll get to his office in a minute.

Black market

Head up the stairs from the docks. Immediately, you’ll start seeing the guards that Meagan warned you about. Your best option is to start avoiding them immediately. Far Reach past the first guard, then take the left to head to the black market.

However, when you go through the gate, you’ll see someone begging for help up the stairs. This is another Howler trap. There are three of them up there waiting for you to rush in and help.

Luckily, there’s another way in. Instead of turning left at the guard, keep going straight into the arcade. You can actually Far Reach right over the guard at the top of the stairs. Stay low to avoid the guards. You’ll come to a ramp that leads into the building.

This is a good time to talk about Domino, the next Outsider power we recommend (and we used it a lot in this level). Domino lets you link multiple enemies together so that what happens to one of them happens to all of them. At this point, you should have enough runes to access Domino and at least one upgrade to it. You’ll pick up a couple more runes before too long to unlock the last upgrade.

Stay on the first floor and head through the building. At the back, you’ll find some open windows that will let you spy on your would-be attackers. Take them out from here before they become a problem. This is a great time to practice using Domino.

Now you can get into the black market unmolested. The shopkeeper will tell you about his friend, Mr. Sidequest, who has some information the shopkeeper would like you to retrieve. Buy at least the rune and the safe combination from him and stock up on anything else you want.

Robbing the black market

If you’d rather rob the black market, you have to take a few steps. Talk to the shopkeeper to get the sidequest and then purchase any upgrades you’d like. From here, look through the window to the right of the shop. Inside, you’ll see a chain with one of those destructible red couplings. Shoot the coupling to destroy it.

Behind you and a little to the left, you’ll find a crank wheel. Pick this up and head outside. Head back toward the water instead of going through the building. Drop down into the water. There’s a mechanism next to the gate there that seems to be missing its crank wheel.

Swim along the tunnel and find the chain on the left. Climb up into the black market shop and loot to your heart’s content.

Turning of the wall of light

From the black market, head back inside the building and to upstairs. There’s a locked door on the second floor that we’ll come back to in a minute. Keep going up to the third floor. There’s an apartment up there for you to loot. The napping civilian inside has a balcony that you can go check out, but don’t worry about that right now. Instead, carefully open the door from the stairwell. There are three guards out here — two who will probably be looking over the balcony and a third off to your right who may or may not be peeing on the wall. This is another great chance to you Domino. (Unlike in the image above, we’d suggest not getting spotted in the process.)

If you want to, go ahead and turn off the windmill to power down the wall of light. Doing so will freak out the guards, but no one comes to investigate. We’re not actually going to go through the wall of light, though, so this isn’t really necessary.

A little further to the right, you’ll find an open skylight that will let you into the locked room on the second floor. There’s a napping Overseer inside. Knock him out and check out the Overseer Outpost. Pickup everything you can and check out the audiograph in the room to the right to learn what Vice Overseer Bryne knows.

Make sure you disable the tripwire at the front door, then head out into the stairwell. Get back up to the third floor balcony and head all the way to the left. You can cross the street along the pipe you find there.

Use Far Reach to get to the top of the guard shack on the far side of the wall of light. Open the hatch and loot the Courtyard Gate key from the guard inside. Far Reach back up to the top of the shack.

The Courtyard Gate is down the alley behind the guard shack. Carefully open the gate, but don’t go inside yet — there are two witches down there waiting for you. Immediately Far Reach up to the pipes above you on the right. Use the pipes and balconies to get an angle on them. Sleep dart or Domino them.

Continue along the path until you come to a corner where you can hear two guards talking. Use the landing to on the left to get above them and take them out.

Use the door on that landing to enter the building. Loot the ground floor — there’s a bonecharm down there — then head upstairs to the roof. Knock out at least the guard, then turn your attention to the nearby buildings.

There’s an Outsider Shrine in the blue building behind you. Check our collectibles guide for details.

When you’re done with the Outsider and the Void, get back to the roof. Far Reach across the alley into the bloodfly-infested abandoned lecture hall on the right. Clear out the bloodfly nests and knock out the nest master. It’s important to note here that nest masters do count toward your body count, so avoid killing him. There’s a bonecharm and a painting in the office on the left, as well as a safe. The combination you bought/stole from the black market can be used here — there’s some ammo and about 400 coins inside.

Use the balcony on the other side of the abandoned lecture hall to get a little further down the road. You’re actually right across from the front entrance of the Royal Conservatory, but since when do you ever use the front door?

The Shopkeeper’s Associate

Use the lampposts to move a little farther down the street, but, sadly, you’re going to have to drop to the street at some point. Your goal is at the very end of the street on the right. Keep an eye out below you for two patrolling guards to avoid. There’s a guard leaning against the wall looking very nonchalant that you’re probably going to have to sleep dart. Pick up his body and carry him into the building at the end of the street.

Start going upstairs, then climb over the barricade. Or just kind of walk around it. It’s not a very good barricade. Watch out for tripwires as you continue into the shopkeeper’s associate’s hideout. Loot everything in the hideout and find the associate’s notes about a prototype inside the Conservatory.

Go out onto the balcony outside of the hideout to find the secret way into the Conservatory. Follow the rocky path all the way to the end, then cross over to the ledge. Make sure you’re crouching — there are enemies nearby that will hear you — and continue along the ledge until you come to an open window.

The Royal Conservatory

You’ll find yourself in a kitchen with a dead body. Loot the sleep darts from him. There are a couple of witches right outside having a conversation, so don’t make any noise.

Instead of worrying about them at the moment, head two rooms to the right to loot the office there. You’ll find a guy who did not have a good day. Turn around and Far Reach up to the top of the room dividers.

Far Reach over to the window over the door (which is called a transom, apparently). This will put you right in between those two chatty witches. Domino them and knock one/both of them out.

Head to the left. You’ll find a room with a rune and a dead body inside. There’s a staircase full of bloodflies through the door behind him. Take the stairs up and clear all the bloodfly nests you find. Don’t forget to grab the bonecharm on your way past.

Pass through into the non-bloodfly-filled part of the hall and take it all the way to the very end — down by the harp. Peek through the door to see your next witch. Knock her out and stash her in the hall.

The next part is a little tricky, but with Domino fully upgraded (you should have the runes for it now), it’s still doable. Work your way around to the right. There are two witches hanging out on a chandelier. Domino them, then far reach over to the bookcases on your left. There’s a witch looking at the books right underneath you. Add her to your Domino. There’s a fourth witch that’s patrolling between you and the Oraculum device. Add her to the link, then drop on her to knock all four of them out.

There are two more witches to handle before we explore much more. The first is patrolling on the opposite side of the Oraculum. There’s another hanging out on top of some bookshelves just over the railing. Use the giant stuffed owls to get a better angle on them if you have to. The best approach we found was to Domino them together, then use the bookcases to repeat the drop attack on the one that is patrolling.

There are two more witches lounging on the first floor. Feel free to take them out — Domino and a sleep dart works best — but you shouldn’t encounter them and they’re not going to be a problem in a minute.

Now you can check out the Oraculum. Read the note next to the on switch to learn more about the non-lethal approach to ending this mission.

Before we go find the original lenses, it’s time to retrieve the shopkeeper’s prototype. Work your way around this floor to the opposite side (or Far Reach across the owls). Go into the hallway you find there and turn left. Far Reach through the transom (See, you learned something that came in handy!) and enter the Security Room. Don’t rush in to grab the prototype yet — it’s wired to a security alarm. Also, don’t push the big red button. That sets off the same security alarm. We learned this the hard way.

Use a rewire tool on the security panel to bypass the alarm. Now you can go grab the prototype without concern. Loot the key from the dead guard inside and leave through the door.

Your next goal is all the way at the top of the building. You can use the owls to get there. Follow the marker on your HUD toward the discarded lenses and Far Reach up to the ledge on the fourth floor and climb through the window.

Immediately to right is a greenhouse room with bonecharm (which you already knew because you’re following along in our collectible guide). More or less in front of the window you climbed through is a very creepy room with a posed cadaver. The lenses are on the bench inside. There’s a bunch to loot and an audiograph in here as well, but we’d suggest holding off on playing it because you’re right above Ashworth’s office.

Take the lenses back down to the Oraculum and install them. Turn on the machine to strip Ashworth of her powers. Use a sleep dart or drop attack to knock her out after she’s powerless to collect two bonecharms from her — for some reason you can’t just grab her and choke her out. Also, all of her witches have fallen unconscious, so now’s a great time to switch over to the collectibles guide and just go crazy.

The last thing to do before getting back to Meagan is to take the prototype to the shopkeeper. Backtrack the way you came — remember that there are still a lot of not-unconscious guards patrolling the streets — and make sure you go through the Courtyard Gate again if you didn’t turn off the wall of light. Returning the prototype will get you some cash and another new blueprint. Upgrade and stock up at the black market, then head back to Meagan.


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