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The first teaser for The Emoji Movie is just as bad as you think it is

The poop emoji is the highlight of the entire thing

Sony Pictures

The first teaser for Sony’s new film, The Emoji Movie, has arrived and with it, questions over why it exists.

The brief teaser introduces one of the main emoji characters, Meh (yes that is his actual name), who unenthusiastically talks about why people should go see the movie. The trailer ends with the ice cream cone emoji calling something a “load of crap,” which leads to a joke featuring everyone’s favorite poop emoji. Unlike the notorious icon of the poop designed by Unicode, the company in charge of most emoji, however, this version isn’t smiling. He also sports a hipster bowtie.

Although the emoji in The Emoji Movie will be different from the ones that iOS and Android users are familiar with, there will be a couple of real apps that make it into the film. Spotify, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and even games like Candy Crush Saga will all have specific characters or moments within the film, making it feel like even more of a marketing ploy than it already did.

Luckily, for those who can’t wait to feast their eyes on the cinematic magic that is a talking poop emoji, this will just be the first of many, according to the teaser. The first film will follow Gene, a radical emoji born with more than one expression. Gene teams up with a codebreaker who goes by the name, and we kid you not, Jailbreak, for an adventure that takes place entirely on a teenager’s phone. If you’re wondering what that looks like, think of the Modern Family episode that took place entirely on a laptop screen but with less human beings.

The Emoji Movie hits theaters Aug 4. 2017.

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