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Overwatch’s new comic confirms game’s first queer character (update)

New comic has a special holiday gift for fans

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s latest comic, “Reflections,” went live today on the game’s website. Focused on speedy, pixie-like hero Tracer, it tells a warm holiday story featuring several of the Overwatch cast. But more exciting than just an expansion of the Overwatch universe’s lore is a reveal that fans have waited a long, long time for.

Tracer, as shown in the page below, is seen kissing another girl whom she appears to be living with. Emily is not one of Tracer’s fellow members of the Overwatch team, but it seems as though the two are dating; they later attend Overwatch hero Winston’s holiday dinner together.

Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment has teased that there are multiple queer characters in Overwatch’s cast, and the holiday kiss she shares with Emily makes Tracer the first of those heroes to be confirmed. During this November’s BlizzCon event, members of the production team confirmed that fans would hear more about the game’s diverse cast sooner than later.

Tracer is among the most visible of Overwatch’s characters. She’s featured on the game’s cover and has long been one of the most popular heroes, dating to even before its launch in May. The Overwatch fan community has regularly paired Tracer with another female character in original works: Widowmaker, who is her sworn enemy according to the in-game story.

Jeff Ramos contributed to this report.

Update: Michael Chu, lead writer on Overwatch, confirmed on Twitter that Tracer identifies as a lesbian.

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