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Super Mario Run guide: How to get every pink, purple and black coin

Got to collect ‘em all

Super Mario Run is filled with money, but the pink, purple and black coins scattered throughout every level in World Tour are the most difficult to get. Collecting them rewards you with rally tickets for the competitive Toad Rally mode — and accounts for much of the Nintendo game’s replay value.

Collecting special coins works the same way in every board from 1-1 to 6-4. First you collect the pink coins, which unlocks the more difficult purple coins, which unlocks the most difficult black coins. We’ve collected every coin in Super Mario Run, and in the videos below, we’ll show you how to do the same. (You can also watch each of these videos on Polygon’s YouTube channel.)

World 1 coins

World 2 coins

World 3 coins

World 4 coins

World 5 coins

World 6 coins

Polygon’s Super Mario Run coverage doesn’t begin or end with coins. Be sure to check out our Super Mario Run hub, where you’ll find the latest news about the game as well as guides covering everything from unlocking all playable characters to the supremely important stylish moves.

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