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The official trailer for Attack on Titan’s second season is here

Feast your eyes on some new titans

Funimation has released the official trailer for Attack on Titan’s second season, bringing Christmas cheer a day early to anime fans.

The new trailer, which can be seen above, starts out with footage that will be familiar to most fans; an army of titans walking menacingly toward human civilization. As seen in the trailer, there’s been a breach in the Wall Rose, the second outermost wall protecting the citizens of the Chlorba District, the Karanese District and the Trost District.

Main characters Eren, Mikasa and Armin are all back in fighting form, taking out titan after titan with their various maneuvering techniques. One of the most important moments in the trailer, however, features a couple of new titans that fans should acquaint themselves with. In one of the better scenes, a gigantic, fury titan can be seen catapulting a horse toward a member of the Survey Corps, the team most directly involved in fighting the titans.

Another titan, this one far smaller than his counterpart, can be seen in the trailer digging into the bodies of other titans. While these will be new titans for those who strictly watch the anime, fans of the manga will be familiar with the beasts.

Attack on Titan’s second season doesn’t have a specific return date at this time, but Funimation, who carries the series stateside, has confirmed that it will premiere in April 2017.

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