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Brett Favre returns to Madden, and brings a couple of friends

Hall of Fame QB comes back to gunsling it up in Ultimate Team

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Brett Favre is returning to Madden NFL and, like every offseason from 2008 to 2011, he can show up in any team's uniform.

Favre, inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year, comes back via Madden Ultimate Team. There will be four versions of Favre, ranging from an overall rating of 86 to two "Ultimate Favres" rated 96. Favre also pulls two of his favorite targets out of retirement, fellow Packer greats Sterling Sharpe and Antonio Freeman.

The first Favre is free just for logging into the game. Completing a sequence of solo challenges (i.e. single player) in MUT unlocks a better Favre and his pals. The two higher rated Favres are earned for completing solo challenges with teams that also fulfill other qualities, requiring some time to get the remainder of the cards and chemistry ratings necessary.

In real life, Favre, the three-time NFL MVP and Super Bowl XXXI champion, never made a 29-step drop with a rollout all the way to the sideline before throwing across his body and spearing his receiver with a 65-yard on-the-fly bomb. However, he should be extremely useful to players who do this all the time in Madden. Ultimate Favre is rated 87 in Throwing on the Run, 96 in Throwing Deep, and 99 in Looking Like a Kid Having Fun Out There.

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