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A terrible photo of Pennywise from the new IT has spawned the latest meme

Photoshop for days

Stephen King’s classic horror tale, IT, is set to receive a new adaptation in 2017. The latest photo of Pennywise, however, is inspiring more laughter than scares.

The photo, which can be seen below, features the terrifying clown lurking inside a giant pipe. His head is poking out just enough that you can get a good glimpse of his face, but the rest of his body is hidden. According to Entertainment Weekly, the pipe is sitting in the “labyrinth of the sewer system beneath the town of Derry, Maine.” While the photo is supposed to be frightening, it’s been having the opposite affect.

Scott Wampler, an editor at Birth.Movies.Death, started the joke on Monday, posting the photo with a variety of captions.

After posting a couple of different shots, Wampler started to receive other interpretations of Pennywise in different settings. One reimagined Pennywise lurking in a Super Mario pipe while another replaced the Xenomorph’s tongue from the infamous Alien 3 scene featuring a terrified Ripley. Some of the best jokes have been collected below.

Today, the meme found its way to Reddit where a Photoshop battle has started. One of the entries, from user dystopika, finds Pennywise sitting in the exhaust pipe of a car, his head just slightly peeking out.

This isn’t the first photo of Pennywise released. In July, a closeup photo of the clown was published by Entertainment Weekly. Yesterday, a similar photo was posted on the magazine’s website featuring a fully standing Pennywise hiding in the shadows. Despite the few photos that have been released, the studio still hasn’t released any footage from the movie.

IT is slated to be released on Sept. 8, 2017.