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Tattletail looks like every ’90s kid’s worst nightmare

A virtual pet horror from one of gaming’s weirdest auteurs

Waygetter Electrionics

If you were of a certain age in 1998, it’s likely that you received a Furby for Christmas. Just as likely: You were deathly afraid of that Furby, probably because it somehow activated itself in the middle of the night, started walking around and woke you up asking for food.

Furby and other virtual pets continue to be the worst, and that lingering trauma is what the development team behind the new Steam game Tattletail is banking on. Tattletail is a horror game that appears to be in the vein of Five Nights at Freddy’s, based off its first teaser.

Ben “Torahhorse” Esposito, known for absurdist comedy games like Bubsy 3D and Capsule Silence XXIV, tweeted out the video above to announce the project. It’s especially striking — and scary — for anyone who watched way too many toy commercials in the ’90s.

The player receives the eponymous Tattletail doll on Christmas morning, only for it to immediately start yapping and go looking for trouble. If that wasn’t enough of a problem, the recalled Mama Tattletail toy is also on the prowl, and she’s got a taste for blood.

Transforming these innocuous Furby-like toys into the stars of an all-out survival thriller is a smart move for Waygetter Electrionics, the name of the group that developed the game. That includes Esposito, artist Geneva Hodgson and programmer Tom Astle. Although Esposito’s portfolio mostly includes short, comedic titles, Tattletail looks like a straight, story-driven horror. (Even he admitted to finding it pretty scary.)

If you’re finally able to stare your fear of Furby toys in the face, you may be ready to take Tattletail on. It’s available now for Mac and Windows PC; it’s $4.99 on Steam.

If you’d love to see Tattletail in action, check out our Twitch stream below.

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