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Star Wars fans are remastering X-Wing in Unity, and it looks fantastic

PC classic gets a breathtaking makeover

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A group of modders is remastering Star Wars’ classic space combat sim X-Wing in the Unity Engine, and it looks and sounds great.

See and hear for yourself above — the soundtrack isn't much of an upgrade from the original game's MIDIs, but man does this capture the atmospheric sound very well. Rebalancing the shields and adjusting the system outputs all sound alive and connected to the cockpit environment. The Y-Wing thrums with the sound of the sublight engines (this is the early mission to save Admiral Ackbar) and the repositioned displays are nearly perfect, still booping out the mission objectives and events.

What really does it for me, though, is the lighting from the nearby star, which flutters as the spacecraft passes through a dust field and rotates around the cockpit during a barrel roll.

The XWVM community mod of 1993's Star Wars: X-Wing is intended to replace the old executable file for DOS or Windows. The project leaders have upgraded many other visual and audio features, while also taking time to upgrade the combat AI. The project may be tracked via, or through this thread on

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