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NES Classic Edition in stock at the Nintendo World Store in New York City today

They may be sold out by the time you read this

NES Classic Edition teardown gallery Polygon

It may be ultra-short warning, but Nintendo announced this morning that the Nintendo store in New York City will have the NES Classic Edition in stock at 9 a.m. today, with a limit of one per customer.

The NES Classic is still severely supply constrained after the holidays, and these sorts of the messages are the only way most fans have to try to grab one of the coveted systems.

They didn’t specify how many units they would have in stock.

We had some thoughts about what Nintendo could do, or why they’re not doing it, when it comes to helping to increase the supply of the popular systems. The big winner so far has been Nintendo’s presence in the gaming and mainstream press as even the hint of being able to purchase one has driven both lines at those locations and traffic to the news stories discussing them.

If you happen to track one down, eBay will likely guarantee you a pretty high price if you decide to resell it. But, and it’s just an idea, maybe play it and have some fun? It looks like this Nintendo location has been getting units regularly in the past few days, so it may be pay to check back often.

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