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Lips on with the Razer Mug and Chroma coaster

Not even kidding

Razer mug and Chroma mug holder
Brian Crecente

Earlier this week a box arrived at my house from Razer. Inside was a matte black box emblazoned with a single darker black line logo of three entwined snakes. A white sticker on one side listed it as number 0618 of 1337.

Inside the “signature black edition” box? A not-for-sale Razer Chroma Mug Holder and metal Razer mug so black you have to hold it to the light to notice the Razer logo embossed on it.

The Chroma coaster, as I like to call it, isn’t simply a tongue-in-cheek joke label, the coaster plugs into your computer and includes full Synapse software support. That means you can use your computer to have in sync up with your other peripherals like a mouse, keyboard or headset. You can also have it get colorful all on its own.

Inside the Synapse software I found setting for coaster lighting effects for when it is holding a mug and when it isn’t. I could choose between four effects (or no effects). Some of those effects even let you choose other options. Breathing let me select between two colors. Wave let me decide which direction I wanted the colors to circle.

Finally, my favorite touch, you can use Synapse to remind you to drink water (or whatever happens to be in the mug.) I currently have the coaster set up to flash red every 75 minutes until I pick up the mug and, hopefully, drink.

Coaster sans mug
Brian Crecente

As someone prone to dehydration caused headaches and other maladies, I love this idea.

That doesn’t mean these will be coming to the market anytime soon. After all, Razer does have an interesting of hardware ... experimentation.

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