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GTA Online’s next expansion puts the theft of autos back in Grand Theft Auto

Import/Export coming soon to GTA 5

Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto Online's next update will introduce the Import/Export addition, which fixates on the theft and sale of high-end automobiles — much like the title's meaning.

Import/Export works off the supply chains brought in with the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony addition launched in June. From the description on Rockstar Newswire, it sounds like vehicle thefts will take planning and tactics rather than smash-and-grab chases.

Heads of the import/export operation will curate garages of up to 60 vehicles for sale, plus an auto shop for additional customizations. It all puts the Auto back in Grand Theft Auto.

Special vehicles will be introduced to assist the job. One appears to be a ramp-like car that looks like something out of Disney's 1981 adventure comedy Condorman. Alas, poor Condorman. You came too early to get your proper video game adaptation.

Rockstar Games

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