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What if Jon Audubon was super into Pokémon?

Fan-made anatomical illustrations, just in time for the holidays

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Pokemon Zoography, or, a Natural History of Kanto - Plate 133: Eevee
John Longmore
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Connecticut-based artist Rich Longmore has a fun project up on Kickstarter right now that looks like the perfect gift for the Pokémon fan in your life. He’s collecting all of his Pokémon Zoography art prints together to create a 2017 calendar. And, like those kitschy Audubon calendars of yesteryear, they’ll look great clipped out and framed on your wall once 2018 rolls around.

I first learned of Longmore’s work when I backed the fantastic tabletop role-playing game TimeWatch, which you should absolutely check out. He was the lucky artist chosen to render designer Kevin Kulp’s hyper intelligent, time-travelling velociraptors. Nice work, if you can get it. Since then he’s been turning his talents to creating an in-fiction set of historical prints from the Pokémon universe.

Pokemon Zoography, or, a Natural History of Kanto - Plate 006: Charizard
John Longmore

“Perhaps the world’s rarest book,” the campaign page reads. “The oldest, most comprehensive known text on the natural history of Pokemon, this mouldering volume recently discovered in the Ruins of Alph is quickly deteriorating. Your contribution will help in the race against the destructive forces of time to fund the ongoing extensive and painstaking restoration of the only known copy of this ancient text.”

The video, featuring a timelapse video of Longmore creating a few of the pieces, is also super-effective. You can check it out below.

And hey, while we’re all here, go donate a couple bucks at the National Audubon Society as well.

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