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Robo Recall with Oculus Touch controllers turns you into Reaper from Overwatch

And it’s incredible

Killing rogue robots has never been so good.
Simone de Rochefort has been producing & hosting YouTube videos for Polygon since 2016. She co-directed the upcoming documentary The Great Game: The Making of Spycraft.

There are legions of robot-maiming games that you can play in VR. But Robo Recall approaches the theme with a particularly vicious joy.

You’re sent to “decommission” some rogue robots in the city, which is Portal-esque tongue-in-cheek for fucking some robots right up. Using the Touch controllers, you can grab robots and tear them limb from limb. You’re also equipped with a set of pistols, as well as whatever guns you can scavenge from the robots.

And then, my favorite: the shotguns.

Unlike the pistols, which sit on your hips, you grab the shotguns by reaching over your shoulder to pull them from your imaginary back holsters. And then you wield them like a vengeful god.

Pro-tip, though: Maybe we’ve been playing too much Overwatch, but we tried to do Reaper’s Death Blossom move and it doesn’t work so well in VR. Still, Robo Recall makes you feel like a badass, and you throw your guns away when they run out of bullets, so it’s basically a Reaper-simulator. Even the typical VR movement scheme of teleporting is pretty much Shadow Step.

Robo Recall is Epic Games’ first foray into VR. It will be released in 2017 for the Oculus Rift with Touch controllers. Oh, and it’ll be free.

The Touch controllers were released on Dec. 5. You can read our review here.

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