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Pokémon Sun and Moon’s latest legendary is available now (update)

Here’s your Magearna code, trainers

The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Sun and Moon’s first mythical Pokémon giveaway is live, and that means a new legendary monster is available for the first time. Magearna, the steel- and fairy-type that makes its debut this generation, is up for grabs from now on.

Players who have finished Sun and Moon’s campaign will be able to collect the Pokémon to add to their Pokédexes. After beating the game, use the QR Scanner. The code that will reward players with Magearna can be found below:

The Pokémon Company

After scanning this, players must head to the Antiquities of the Ages shop, which is located in Hau’oli City. Then they’ll receive their new Magearna.

The tiny Magearna first appears in the newest Pokémon movie, Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel, which airs today on Disney XD. The cable channel is the new home for the Pokémon cartoons, both past and present. Alongside the film’s premiere will be the stateside debut of the Sun and Moon anime adaptation, which has been well-received thus far for its goofy tone and unique character design.

There are tons of Pokémon to be found using QR codes, and players have helpfully made those available online for others to peruse. It’s a new feature in Sun and Moonone of many this time around.

Update: For those wondering, the QR code is available indefinitely. There’s no expiration date, so players who have yet to beat the games will still have a chance to get Magearna.

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